Saturday, September 3, 2011

Reasons for Senescence

Reasons for Senescence
Senescence or aging is a phenomenon that happens with time. It’s a part of life and is a seen to happen with almost every living organism. Research done on aging has indicated the following reasons for the aging process:

  • Rise in aging hormones, namely insulin and cortisol
  • Decrease in youth hormones such as melatonin, testosterone, estrogen and progesterone
  • Work of free radicals on body cells
  • Body protein damage as a result of protein being chemically chained with sugar.
  • telomer curtailment. When a cell splits into two (reproducing), the telomer will not stop shortening, until one day it stops, the cell growth also desist
Of all these reasons, it is the work of free radical in bringing about aging shows the most logical theory of aging. They cause oxidative damage to cells of the body, which in turn destroys mitochondrion – cell’s batteries or energy. Mitochondrion in the process of producing energy produces free radical also and this results in worse cell damage.
Reasons for Senescence Reasons for Senescence Reasons for Senescence
The result of aging is a decrease in body function and the body becoming more prone to diseases. With age vision, motor abilities, and bone density decreases. Hair starts to fall out and skin, loses its texture, become this and starts to wrinkle out. However, aging is not an unhealthy phenomenon to be dreaded. It is also possible to successful age. Here is look at features of healthy aging:
  • Body is well maintained such that it does not succumb to diseases and disability
  • Cognitive and physical functions are present to a high degree
  • Interaction with other and activity is life is present
Taking foods rich in vitamins and minerals and being active helps to keep people in their old age functioning well and having a well-maintained body, despite the visible signs of aging.

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