Saturday, September 3, 2011

Blood Infection

Blood InfectionBlood infection is perhaps one of the most lethal diseases that any one can ever have. We have heard about the cancer, aids and what not. However, the interesting point to notice is that what makes blood infection the most lethal disease. Blood infection is usually referred as septicaemia or Sepsis. This is a very common disease and has spread out throughout the world. Blood infection can happen due to various reasons. However, one thing that you need to remember is that blood infection is very serious and a little delay in treatment or non-availability of proper treatment can lead to death.

Blood infection is the process whereby the bacteria produce a lot of toxins in the blood. This causes sepsis which causes intense damage to the blood cells. This can also have a direct impact on the veins and therefore it will eventually cause the hindrance in small veins. These are the veins which play a key role in circulating the blood throughout the body. Once the sepsis occurs, the patient can suffer heart seizures or attack. This needs to be prevented by taking counter measures and putting him on proper treatment.
There are many factors which can lead to sepsis. These include:
  • Bacteria: The biggest ever carrier of sepsis or blood infection is usually the bacteria. Bacteria are a normal thing for our bodies. However not taking proper medication or ignoring the increasing bacteria can lead to a great blood loss and sepsis.
  • Fungi: Another factor which plays a key role in starting the sepsis is fungi. Fungi can spread throughout the body by travelling through blood. Therefore, it pollutes the blood as well and causes sepsis.
  • Kidney infections: Kidney infections can also lead to the sepsis. Since kidneys have a major role in our body and are directly related to the blood, therefore any impact suffered by kidney as a result of infection will be equally shared by the blood as well.
  •  Surgical Infection: Many times, a dirty surgical tool which touched an organ of your body, can lead to infection as well. This in turn leads to blood infection. Therefore, care must be taken about the hygiene.
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