Monday, September 5, 2011

Prevent Damage Teeth Early

Prevent Damage Teeth Early - Problem of tooth decay or dental caries experienced by nearly 89 percent of children under the age of 12 years in Indonesia. One reason is the lack of dental hygiene is maintained and the penchant to eat sweet and sticky.

According drg.Zaura Anggraeni, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Indonesian Dentists Association (PDGI), on average, each resident has four cavities. "Based on the daily experience of cavities that are usually left to rot. So it's too late now to the dentist because the infection is deep and should be repealed," said the doctor who called by Rini.
"Teeth is one of the digestive sys

tem. If there is interference, then the food can not be chewed properly, so the stomach and intestines to work harder. As a result the absorption of nutrients is compromised," he explained.

In fact, tooth decay can be prevented. "Teeth the child should be cleaned regularly, this habit should begin at an early age," said Rini. Also avoid sugary foods, sticky and chewy because it will stick to the teeth and form acids that can damage tooth decay, especially if not accompanied by tooth brushing habits.

Parents should also begin to introduce children to the dentist. "Do not bring children to the dentist after a tooth is damaged because the child will be afraid to go back. Invite your child to know the dentist to check his teeth," advises Eky.

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