Monday, September 5, 2011

Chocolate as Depression Drug

chocolate is a depression drug
Chocolate as Depression Drug - Many people said that chocolate is the stress and depression drug. Here some question and answer about depression and it relation with chocolate consumption.

What is the cause of depression?

One man can have depression because of three factors that have relation, ie Biologist factor, Psychologist factor and social factor. The study said that: biological factors that influence is the presence of neurotransmitter systems in the brain are disturbed, the system of serotonin in our brain.

Person's psychological condition is also very influential on the emergence of depression. Risk factors such as: loss of someone or something loved, suffered severe illness, loneliness, or natural disaster could be the trigger that often lead to depression, endurance adaptation when the person is not good.

The social environment also affects, severe social life, economy was not good, unhealthy relationships can also be a triggering factor of depression.

Is it true, the content contained in chocolate can make someone calm from depression? What is his relationship?

Foods such as chocolate, spicy foods can increase endorphine in the body. Endorphine hormone is a substance produced in the body, which works to increase the sense of fun and relieve pain. But remember, this happens if there has not been damaged or disturbed balance in the brain due to depression. So, anyway chocolate can not cure depression, chocolate only help people who are in conditions of acute discomfort or stress a little more calm, and even temporary.

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