Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Health Benefits of Being a Blood Donor

Symbiotic mutualism. That is what will we feel if we make blood donation, for every drop of blood that we contribute not only to provide living opportunities for those who receive but also provide health benefits for the donor.
The odds that donating blood can make us weak is wrong. When we donate blood, the body will react by making direct successor.

So, we will not be deprived of blood. In addition to making the body produce new blood-blood, there are five other health benefits that we can feel.

1. Maintaining heart health

High levels of iron in the blood will make a person more susceptible to heart disease. Excessive iron in the blood can cause oxidation of cholesterol.

Oxidation products will accumulate in the artery wall and is equal to increase the odds of heart attacks and strokes.

When we routinely donate blood then the amount of iron in the blood can be more stable. This means reducing the risk of heart disease.

2. Increasing the production of red blood cells

Blood donation will also help the body reduce the number of red blood cells in the blood. No need to panic with a reduction in red blood cells, because the spinal cord will immediately recharge the red blood cells that have been lost.

The result, as our donors will get a new blood supply every time you donate blood. Therefore, blood donors to be a good step to stimulate the creation of new blood.

3. Helps weight loss

Become a blood donor is one of the methods of dieting and calorie burning powerful. Because by giving about 450 ml of blood, will help the process of burning about 650 calories. That is the amount of calories that much to make us slim waist.

4. Getting psychological health

Donate things that are priceless to those in need will make us feel the psychological satisfaction. A study found that elderly people who become regular blood donors will feel the stay energized and fit.

5. Detect serious diseases

Every time we wanted to donate blood, our blood is the standard procedure will be examined from various diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, syphilis, and malaria.

For those who receive donor blood, this is important information for the anticipation of disease transmission through blood transfusion. As for us, this is the "warning signs" that good so we are more concerned about our own health conditions.

After the age of 18 years, try to get used to donate blood every three months. Not only will this give a happy feeling because it can help others, but positively beneficial to the health of our own bodies.

And the maximum age for doing this good habit is to the age of 60 years. So do not wait any longer, come on ... it's time blood donor!


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