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Healthy Diet

A healthy diet must contain proteins, fruits, vegetables, cereals, lean (fish or poultry) and dairy products.
If you are tempted to lose waist rapidly by following a draconian diet, you may get serious stomach problems. A low calories diet lacks in important nutrients, like omega 3 acids, zinc and vitamin C.
I’ll list you below some spices and plants that your body needs to be in a perfect shape:


garlic Healthy Diet It is an herbaceous plant. It contains vitamins from B complex, indispensable for a correct functioning of the nervous system, muscles and heart, but vitamin C is the most important antioxidant. Garlic is the most powerful antiviral and antibacterial and it is also used to diminish blood pressure.
Contraindications: it may load digestion. To eliminate its odor some doctors recommend honey.


anise Healthy Diet It is a fruit, to say so, and derives from a plant in China, Illicum Verum. It is mostly used for sweets.
It is also used for infusions because its digestive and carminative properties (avoids intestinal gases).
Contraindications: there are few, rarely you may develop a low toxicity when consumed in large quantities.


laurel leaves Healthy Diet It is a plant that is always green and can reach the size of a tree. Firstly, it was used by the Romans as a sign of victory, secondly as a sign of imperial power and during Middle Ages becomes the plant of which were mare crowns for graduates and those who became doctors.
Its leaves are used in the kitchen or to make infusions. Laurel has digestive properties: when it is added to food it may facilitate digestion. When it is used in infusions, it hands out bronchia and meliorates symptoms of chronic bronchitis. It can be also used for hot baths, an excellent remedy for feet that sweat a lot: you put two handfuls of leaves in 2 liters of water.
Contraindications: none


fresh tomatoes with basil Healthy Diet It is an herb with stems right and oval leaves. It is said that its name derives from Basilic, a monster in Greek mythology, which couldn’t be defeated only if you put a mirror in front but because Perseus didn’t have one, he used basil leaves.
Basil’s essential oils have digestive properties, protective and antiphlogistic for the stomach’s and bowel’s mucous membrane. When it is used in infusions, it is a breath refreshing, while crushed leaves on the skin relieve itching from mosquito and wasps bites.
Contraindications: teas and infusions may raise blood pressure.


cloves Healthy Diet Cloves are flowers collected from a plant that grows near seas, in tropical areas. They are picked before losing the strain and are dried on palm tree leaves.
They are used as energizing and it is useful in case of physical and mental fatigue. For external use, you put 3-5 drops of clove tincture on the tooth- brush to clean your teeth or 20-30 drops in a glass of water to rinse your mouth and to disinfect your gums.
Contraindications: it may cause skin and tissue irritations in case of sensitive persons.


brown onion Healthy Diet It belongs to the same family like garlic.
Onion contains sugars, potassium, calcium, sulfur, iron, sodium, B vitamins and carbolic acids, antibacterial substances. Its low amount of sugars makes onion ideal for diabetics and is advisable to rub the nails with slices of onion to strengthen them.
Contraindications: it is not recommended to who suffer from digestive problems.


cinnamon stick on wooden table Healthy Diet It is bark collected from the branches of a tropical and evergreen tree called Cinnaomun ceylanicum, which is dried in the sun.
Cinnamon contains essential oils, rich in a specific aldehyde, eugenol and a lot of benefic substances for the organism. It invigorates and gives energy; stimulates cardio- circulatory and respiratory functions, favors digestion and helps to eliminate gases formed in the stomach and bowels.
Contraindications: it has to be used carefully because a large dose of cinnamon may cause spasms.


fresh cut turmeric or curcuma Healthy Diet It is one of the most important Indian spice, used for its medical properties and because it gives food color and savor. Curcuma is one of the components of the well-known curry, along with black pepper, coriander, pepper, cloves and many others.
It is important because it contains curcumin, a substance that protects the brain against Alzheimer, and other substances that helps in liver purification. Curcuma proved useful in reducing cholesterol.
Contraindications: herbal preparations based on curcuma are not indicated to those who suffer from biliary calculus.

Sweet marjoram

marjoram spice Healthy Diet Sweet marjoram is a plant hail from Asia which grows in hot countries. From this plant are used the flowers which have to be collected and dried during summer.
This plant contains essential oils rich in antioxidant substances with benefic properties for gastrointestinal apparatus and the nervous system. Useful to treat insomnia or headaches (if you want to know the right dosage, you have to ask a nutritionist).
Contraindications: in high doses it may cause the presence of blood in urine (hematuria).


mortar with mint Healthy Diet It is and aromatic plant by which we use its leaves and flowers, dried or fresh.
Mint contains essential oils rich in menthol, used to freshen breath, and substances that reduce inflammations of respiratory system. It is efficient for digestion and when it is consumed fresh, gives flavor to food. Mint infusion is good to rinse our mouth and to clean gums.
Contraindications: if are taken high doses during the evening, it may cause insomnia.


oregano herb plant growing in a terracotta pot Healthy Diet Oregano is an herb with small leaves and heavily aromatic. Its name signifies in Greek “mountain’s delight” because it grows at an altitude of 2000m.
It is rich in antioxidant substances (bio-flavonoids and phenols) with tonic effect for the organism and it is indicated those who suffer from flatulence (meteorism) and abdominal cramps cased by gas accumulation in the bowel. Whether used in infusions or fresh is favors digestion and avoids bloating.
Contraindications: its essential oil found is naturist shops may irritate the skin.


green parsley Healthy Diet It is an herbaceous plant from Greece. We use its strain and leaves, mostly fresh or its root, dried for a year.
Parsley contains vitamin A, which maintains the health of eyes, bones and skin, and vitamin C. it is rich in antioxidant substances that play an important role in kidney’s protection, because it helps to eliminate toxins.
Contraindications: in high doses parsley may be dangerous and its most important rick is that it provokes abortion.


hand with rosemary Healthy Diet Rosemary is a woody shrub with small leaves which grows spontaneously in rocky areas.  It contains antioxidant substances which make it efficient in liver and bile diseases or in digestive problems. It is optimal in infusions which have as purpose, healing digestive problems after a plentiful meal.
Contraindications: in high doses it may cause seizures; harmful for dogs and cats.


saffron flower Healthy Diet It is an herbaceous plant with purple color flowers. It is one of the most expensive spices because it has to be washed many times. Only the seeds are used, found in the inferior part of the flower, from where is collected the pollen, having a intense red- gold color.
Saffron contains antioxidants and vitamins, having effective protection against aging process. It strengthens the immune system and prevents tumors.
Contraindications: ingestion of 5 – 10 gr. of saffron may cause serious intoxications.


sliced ginger root Healthy Diet Ginger is an herbaceous plant similar to cinnamon with a gnarled root. We find it in trades in pieces of 4- 15 cm.
It contains substances with digestive properties; improves bowel function, having an antiseptic (disinfectant) action. It is said that it has aphrodisiac properties. Ginger may be useful against cough.
Contraindications: it may interact with acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) and other anti- inflammatory substances.

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