Saturday, September 3, 2011

What are the Side Effects of Teeth Whitening

Side Effects of Teeth WhiteningDue to certain foods like coffee, soda, certain wines and some fruits and vegetables teeth can become stained. Tobacco use and age are also factors involved with teeth discoloration. In consideration of these factors many are turning to teeth whitening procedures for a brighter and whiter smile. Whether it’s visiting the favorite dentist for an in office whitening treatment such as whitening gels and laser treatments, or home based whitening products; teeth whitening procedures are not without risks.
The side effects from teeth whitening procedures can be mild to severe and can be short term or long term depending on the patient.
With whitening gels and home based whitening treatments the most common side effect is teeth sensitivity. Teeth can experience either thermal sensitivity or sensitivity to air. Thermal sensitivity is with hot or cold liquids or food and air sensitivity can happen when a person breaths using their mouth. Bleaching agents such as cabamide peroxide break down the enamel of the teeth causing these types of sensitivity during the procedure and after the procedure is completed.
Another side effect of teeth whitening using these methods can be throat irritation; caused by the agent leaking into the mouth and accidentally swallowed by the patient. Dehydration of the teeth and nerve inflammation can also occur due to seepage or prolonged use of bleaching agents. If any portion of the bleaching agent is ingested the patient may experience burning, nausea, and vomiting. Saliva production can be decreased also due to the oxidizing agents used in teeth whitening products.
Side Effects of Teeth Whitening Side Effects of Teeth Whitening Side Effects of Teeth Whitening Side Effects of Teeth Whitening
Because of too little or too much bleaching agent being used teeth can look translucent, spotty, or the edges of the teeth can appear whiter than the rest of the teeth. Not to mention the side effect of emptying your bank account because the process of whitening the teeth is not permanent. The whiteness can deteriorate and patients end up spending more money for more whitening procedures.
Laser whitening is used by dentist as an in office procedure because it is faster than the use of whitening gels. This process can also carry the same side effects as mentioned with the other procedures. However, laser whitening can have additional side effects such as lip burning and swelling, canker sores and cold sores, and discoloration of the gum tissues inside the mouth. Consequently, it would be wise to consider these side effects before choosing a teeth whitening procedure.

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