Sunday, September 4, 2011

How Music Effects On The Brain

Music Effects On The Brain
Effects hear music on the brain. when listening to music, our brain releases chemicals pleased, it said the same thing as when a sexual intercourse. According to the researchers, during sex, the brain releases dopamine, which is a substance in brain cells that create a sense of fun and function to communicate.

Dopamine also typically help people feel pleasure when eating and also engaged in producing euphoria from drug use. And in a recent study indicated that the human brain scans while listening to music also shows the release of dopamine directly.

"The relationship with dopamine may help explain why music is so widely popular across cultures,"says Robert Zatorre and Valorie Salimpoor from McGill University in Montreal, told MSNBC on Tuesday (11/01/2011).

In the study researchers use only instrumental music. This shows that do not require sound to be able to produce dopamine response.

Zatorre explains, brain scans showed that the increase in dopamine in the striatum of the brain for 15 seconds before people feel pleasure or enjoyment.

"It is logical, because the area associated with anticipation of connecting parts of the brain involved with making predictions and responding to the environment, while reacting to the peak areas associated with pleasure the brain limbic system, involved in emotion,"says Zatorre.

This research study has helped the health world, listening to music has the efficacy of reducing pain, relieve stress, nourish the heart, stimulates brain cells, help you sleep soundly to accelerate the healing process of diseases.

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