Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dark Circles Under Eyes Treatments

The Best Ways to Treat Dark Circles under Eyes

Dark circles formed under eyes trouble a lot of people. Formation of dark circles under eyes make an individual seem older than they really are and one finds it irritating as it doesn’t seem to fade away easily. Various products are offered by different companies for eliminating dark circles under eyes. But unfortunately, most of these skin care products results to the dissatisfaction among people suffering with under eye dark circles. Nevertheless, there are quite a few ways with which one need to be concerned about in order to eliminate the occurrence of under eye dark circles.

The main causes of dark under eye circles
According to medical and scientific researches, there is a notion that formation of under eye dark circles is primarily due to generic trait or some sort of heredity related condition. Another most common cause is due to the pigmentation of the soft tissue under the eye. In such condition, excess amount of melanin gets manifested in the skinny region under the eyes. This dark under eye circles can be noticed commonly among certain epidemiological groups or racial types like in the people in Southeast Asians, southern Italians and African-Americans.
Treatments for dark under eye circles
There have been countless treatments for dark under eye circles. But, it’s hard enough to find out the most effective one and thereby the only way to go for trial and error trying a few of the well known regiments.
Dark Circles Under Eyes TreatmentsDark Circles Under Eyes Treatments Dark Circles Under Eyes Treatments
There are almost as many theories on the causes of dark circles as there are remedies for the same. Stress Smoking, fatigue, excess consumption of alcohol, insufficient hydration are a few factors which are regarded to be behind the cause of under eye circles, although medical science doesn’t back up these factors mentioned.
Surgery, certain injections and lasers are some of the radical treatments of dark under eye circles. The success and failure to all these treatments generally have varying degrees.
Among the least invasive treatments of under eye circles come moisturizing or plumping specific affected areas. It involves using a cream which acts as a vehicle for the application of moisturizing agents among such remedies.
There are a few home remedies as well. It includes cucumber, Aloe Vera, potato, lemon along with essential nutrients like Vitamin E. The virgin olive oil also serves well for the purpose of removing dark under eye circles.
So, the only way for finding out the best treatment is to try them out.

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