Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why Many People Can Typhus Not Moving?

Many people think of typhus is a common disease. Sufferers do not even want to follow your doctor's advice to rest. Why people should not move much typhus?

Typhus is a disease caused by inflammation of the intestinal bacterium Salmonella typhi infections are contracted through food and drink water infected with bacteria. The bacteria enter through the mouth and spreads to the stomach and then into the small intestine. These bacteria multiply in the gut.

In the first week, the germs of typhoid can only be seen from the feces. Then in the second week only be known through the blood due to an infection in the intestine has been entered into the blood vessels. And on the third week of a positive diagnosis can be seen in the urine.

"Usually the first week was not found positive results in blood, that's what people often call with typhoid symptoms. When in fact he has been exposed to typhus but because the bacteria have entered the blood vessels so the blood test result is negative," said Dr. Dante Saksono H SpPD, PhD .

According to Dr. Dante, many people interpret pain as a symptom of typhoid fever typhoid fever initially but it is not appropriate. People who are new symptoms of typhus has actually been exposed to typhus just a stage is just different. He said that truth is not a symptom of disease typhus typhus but still only a stage is just different.

Generally in the diagnosis of typhoid disease conducted blood test checks to see if there are antibodies produced by the body of the bacterium Salmonella typhi that causes typhoid fever. If the germ has entered into a blood vessel, then the results of blood tests will be positive.

Besides that characterize the most typical of typhoid fever is to see the number leukositnya (white blood cells). Generally, if a disease infections caused by bacteria will cause the number leukositnya increased, but not so in typhus.

"If the infection is caused by Salmonella bacteria, then the number will decrease leukositnya. As for the number of platelets can not be used as a benchmark," said a doctor who practices at the RSCM and teaching in this faculty of medicine.

Symptoms usually appear from typhus is the body heat or fever for several days and nights especially, pain in abdomen left, the middle part of the tongue is white but red edges and changes in bowel pattern (BAB).

Dr. Dante didiganosis said if someone had tested positive for typhoid, then antibiotic treatment is to eat right and lots of bed rest and water consumed.

Why need adequate rest in bed?

Healing typhus disease is to eliminate the bacteria that enter the body. Therefore the patient should rest and not move so much faster heat loss down.

If a lot of moves can make the body temperature rises and the bacteria will continue to proliferate into the blood. Many moves are also not good because people with typhoid are experiencing problems that are fragile intestines which can be more hurt if a lot of motion.

"People with typhus may eat as usual and not have to eat the mushy-mushy. Most importantly do not be too many vegetables, fibrous," says Dr. Dante.

Dr. Dante explained this as fibrous vegetables difficult to digest by the intestine, whereas when people are exposed to typhoid fever is intestinal injury due to infection, so patients need to reduce foods that are difficult to digest.


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