Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Top 5 things you must do for immediate health!

Detoxification of toxic chemicals begins by limiting your exposure to them.  So simple; just stop putting chemicals into your body.  Let the Detox begin!  It is important for you to realize what you are putting into your mouth in the way of food has most definitely created the level of health you are currently experiencing.  Personal responsibility is required here.  Stop thinking sickness is inevitable! The only reason most of the population is "Sick and Dying" is Toxic Chemicals.  Combine those chemicals with Toxic Thoughts and you have the perfect setup for disease to come knocking at your families door.

     No magic pill is going to be your salvation.  Everything we have ever needed to stay young and healthy is provide by the Earth.  It is totally up to each of us individually to deny disease by choosing the truth of what is. That the toxic chemicals of everyday life are killing us.
      This isn't rocket science people!  If the product or food is not made with ingredients in the form nature intended it's just another name for a science project.  Think, think, and think some more.  Awake and slumber no more.  Your body is in Toxic Overload.  All disease states are just your bodies way of crying out for help.  What is your body saying to you?  Have you gotten quiet enough to listen recently?  Maybe, it's time!

1.  WATER, WATER, WATER:You want to be drinking Natural Spring Water.  To find the nearest spring to you go to  Bottled water is tap water for the most part.  Don't be fooled into thinking it's better than tap water.  It just costs you a lot more!  Reverse Osmosis and Distilled water is your next best choice if you don't have access to a Natural Spring.  Don't forget your Shower Filters to rid the water of deadly chlorine and fluoride.  Your skin is a sponge!

 2.  ORGANIC FRUITS & VEGETABLES: Pesticides destroy your bodies Nervous System.  A child's small body will especially take the brunt here.  Pesticides are very much linked to lowered IQ's and childhood cancers.  Never, never, never eat any fruits or vegetables that aren't organic.  You may get a smidge more nutrition but you will get a hell of a lot less neuro-toxic chemicals.  That is the difference between conventional produce and organic purchased at your local grocer. However, you will get so much more nutrition from produce when purchased from a local organic farm.

3.  VEGETABLE JUICES: The absolutely best thing you can put into your body is vegetable juice made at home with your very own juicer.  Purchase the best juicer you can afford.  Or better yet, borrow someone's juice they aren't using.  Which I find happens a lot.  There are tons of great juicing sites like which is my favorite by the way.  With juicing you get all the nutrition without the fiber.  Yes, fiber is important.  The purpose of juicing is to give your body massive amounts of nutrition that doesn't require huge amounts of digestive energy to process.  Your body absorbs the nutrients rather easily to begin the healing process.

4.  DRINK FRESH COCONUT MILK:Coconut milk is the perfect health drink.  More healthy than orange juice with less calories.   Known for it's ability to boost energy and the immune system.  Loaded with vitamins, electrolytes, calcium, potassium, and magnesium.  Hydrates the body because coconut milk is identical to your bodies plasma.  Absolutely, no cholesterol at all to boot.  Filled with Lauric Acid which is essential fatty acid that is so important to your immune system.  Coconut milk can break up kidney stones and resolve vomiting.  Here is a great informational site all about coconutsand how to prepare milk for your family.
 5.  SUPERFOODS: Spirulina Algea.  I love Healthforce's VitaMineral Greens because it not also has blue-green algae but greens, probiotics, and healing mushrooms.  I always choose products that are jam pack with nutrients at the right price.  VitaMineral Greens go a long way in promoting the health of your colon.  Throw a couple tablespoons in a raw cacao smoothie and bam easy.  Raw chocolate is a superfood filled with absorbable magnesium, lowers LDL cholesterol, and full of antioxidants.  Raw Cacao is the worlds #1 Anti-oxidant twenty times more powerful than red wine.  Makes you feel blissful by naturally inhibits depression.  Now let's talk about Maca Root.  Maca naturally balances the bodies hormones, boost energy and endurance levels.   Maca is filled to the brim with no less than 60 vital body nutrients which boost the brain's ability to function.  To add Maca to your smoothies try MacaForce.  These are just a handful of Superfoods you will need to incorporate into your families diet.

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