Wednesday, August 31, 2011

E-Cigarettes Please Smokers and Non-Smokers Alike

Cigarette smokers are at a constant war with themselves and others: not only do they have to argue with themselves about being a smoker, knowing that they're doing something potentially dangerous to themselves, as well as spending tons of money on quite simply, an addiction, they also have to worry about those around them who are constantly on to them about smoking. People that have never been a smoker don't understand what it's like to be one, and more importantly, how hard it is to stop. However, a solution may have presented itself that will satisfy everyone; a perfect compromise for smokers and non-smokers.

The answer may have arrived in the form of e-cigarettes, short for electronic cigarettes, or as they're sometimes called, smokeless cigarettes and electric cigarettes. They offer smokers the ability to keep on the physical part of smoking (the actual hand to mouth action that so many smokers actually find enjoyable) but also satisfy the nicotine craving that a smoker has. So what's in it for non-smokers? Well, the fact that e-cigarettes don't have any odor at all is a nice one, and so the non-smoker doesn't have to worry either about breathing in harmful second hand smoke or dealing with other unpleasant side affects of being around a smoker. E-cigarettes only put off a water vapor that's completely odorless, and the smokers inhale a liquid, called e-liquid that's inside the electronic cigarette refills. The e-liquid is pulled into an atomizer every time the smoker sucks on the e-cigarettes, and the e-liquid is turned into a vapor that the smoker inhales. The smoker isn't inhaling a water vapor though; they're inhaling nicotine infused liquid that is also available in different flavors and strengths, so they can choose e-liquid for electronic cigarette refills the same way they would buy a pack of Camels or a pack of Marlboros.

Most smokers start out by buying a starter's e-cigarette kit, which has everything a smoker needs to begin e-smoking. It has the main mouthpiece which houses an atomizer, the battery, and electronic cigarette refills cartridges. The smoker can pick an e-cigarette kit that has either refillable electronic cigarette refills or disposable electronic cigarette refills, so they'll have to figure out how much work they want to put into being an e-smoker. If they choose refillable electronic cigarette refills, they're able to fill them back up on their own. Regardless of what the choose though, the benefits are still there for both smokers and non-smokers.

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