Tuesday, August 30, 2011

6 Alarm Your Body Need Sleep

Sleep is as important as food for survival. However, more often than not we are sacrificing sleep to finish work or play than a passing meal.

According to Dr. Mary Susan Esther, President of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, sleep deprivation is chronic (lasting more than three weeks) will have an impact on health.

Not only the fatigue and lack of concentration, but also high blood pressure, depression, hormonal disorders, immune system decline, and memory impairment.

So, did you have a duration and good quality sleep? Please check whether you have signs of sleep deprivation following:

1. Not hungry at lunch

Lack of sleep will make the body is constantly eating or just want to always feel stomach is always full. This happens due to sleep deprivation interfere with biological clocks that affect hunger and satiety. This is why there are people who become obese or lean during a period of sleep deprivation.

2. Less concentration

Notice if today you open three different sites in 5 minutes or alternate readings. Lack of sleep does make us difficult to focus.

3. Forgetful

The brain needs sleep to refresh and renew itself. Without it, the short-term memory impairment would occur.

4. "I do not connect"

Can not follow the discussion because the brain as "congestion" is often experienced by patients with chronic insomnia.

5. Lazy

If lately you feel lazy when meeting or sitting behind a desk, perhaps the cause is not because of boredom on the job, but because you lack sleep.

6. Not feeling well

The immune system is repaired and become strong again when we fall asleep. Therefore, those who like staying up are usually more susceptible to flu or colds. Strengthen the immune system with a simple way, sleep 7-8 hours every night.


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